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Okay. I'm assuming that the third time has to be the charm, right?

New York Rain was the first story in this series, and a McCoy/Logan pairing - a wonderful, anonymous sexual encounter in a rainy city night. Of course, it had to lead to more. . .

Moon Over Manhattan had the revelation of some truths about need and want, and showed exactly how two stubborn men could find each other again. . .

One Night in Gramercy Park is both a little bit more domestic and a little bit more - wicked - and believe me, those two things go together just perfectly. . .

Between the Sheets - who could think of a better place for two hunky men? And a little shopping trip, to boot - I’m in heaven.

Midnight on 67th Street proves that slash doesn’t have to have sex in it, and a good story will take you as far as you want to go - even a pool room can hold promise. . .

Close Call takes place in Season Five, sometime during the first five episodes, and includes one scene directly from "Coma".

Mirror Mirror takes place sometime in the future sometime before "Between the Sheets" and "Ties that Bind".

The Ties that Bind takes place sometime in the future at about the same time time as "Between the Sheets".

In the Stillness of Morning is a Ben Stone/Mike Logan story, taking place sometime in the first season of L&O, and about five years before “New York Rain” and the Tam Lin series.

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